Packages for Transit Operators

Basic and advanced packages

Basic Package
As we strive to meet the challenges of technology today, Operators are not only looking to provide a core service, but to add value added services. It is the objective of Change to assist in refining the costs and requirements of each individual Operator because no two markets are the same; no two Operators are the same. We must all begin our journey somewhere however, hence we have set forth the following guidelines to how we can assemble the most effective solution for you; the Operator. Included in the Basic Package of the Change Transit solution are the following:
  • Transit Maps
  • Rates
  • Schedules
  • Trip Planning
  • Local News and Weather Television Programming
  • Ticket Management (electronic tickets and ticket validation)
  • Tourism and Points of Interest
  • Security: Personal, Medical, Alerts (fire, electrical, etc…)
  • Intermodal Connections
  • Announcements (travel delays)
  • and much more…
Advanced Plan
Depending on the particular Operator, Change can implement numerous features to aid in revenue generation, management services and customer service. Options in the Intermediate Package of the Change Transit solution are the following:
  • Basic Plan +
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video On Demand System
  • Seat Reservation System
  • Train Location (real time mapping)
  • Extended Consumer Marketing Data
  • E-Commerce/Retail Transactions
  • Passenger Locator
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