We are Change Transit

Transforming commuting experiences

Who We Are

Change Transit is an exciting new company that focuses on how people can maximize their travel on a daily basis in today’s technologically connected world. Our team is a collaboration of telecommunications experts, civil engineers, satellite professionals, wireless visionaries, advertising icons and entertainment industry experts from all over the world.

What We Do

Change Transit provides both end-to-end infrastructure solutions for transit Wi-Fi as well as the monetization of such infrastructure costs through our proprietary MOJO application. Whether on rail, in the air or in anything with wheels, Change Transit can help you maximize your customer’s satisfaction while minimizing your operating costs.


Change Transit has partnered with several multi-national organizations in order to make this turn-key solution a reality. There are a number of areas of expertise that must be combined from decades of experience in a multitude of areas. Some of the industries our partners operate in are: Rail Manufacturers Systems Operators Maintenance Companies Aerospace Manufacturers Systems Operators Maintenance Companies Technology Satellite Delivery Cellular Operators Broadband Operators WiFi Manufacturers and Operators Entertainment Content Providers Network Operators

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