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Increased Customer Satisfaction

Change’s goal in designing the platform, was to make travel and commuting more enjoyable for the average consumer. Change has made great strides in increasing the quality of the user experience and thereby potentially increasing the ridership for any particular Operator. By connecting first and last mile transit options to conventional transit methods, Change has provided the consumer with more choice and provided the operator with multiple connections to and from its core service offering.

Cost Savings

The Change Transit App will substantially reduce an Operator’s operating costs through our rev-share process. By creatively providing transit information, in an informative and entertaining way, consumers are now able to serve themselves without having to call a help line or stand in line to purchase tickets from a customer service representative

Revenue Sharing

Unlike other models an Operator may encounter, Change Transit shares revenues with our Operators that are generated by advertising, entertainment subscriptions and e-commerce purchases

Staying Connected

The Change Transit App provides Operators the ability to stay technologically relevant and connected with their consumers. The more consumers stay connected, engaged and feel as though their voice is heard, the more the Operator-Consumer ecosystem will continue to function and flourish

All of these features in one easy to use App.

Change Transit seamlessly blends all pertinent transit information, media, e-commerce and entertainment into one easy to use application.


- Transit Maps - Rates - Schedules - Travel Delays and Maintenance


- Report damage - Custom analytics tools - Remote dashboard access - Proprietary advertising engine


- Watch live local and international television - Radio and Podcasts - Social media integration - Rent a movie - Surf the web - View local weather

Management Tools

- Fare management - Reload your payment card - Multi-Language Interface (11 available languages)

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